Summer Secondhand Haul! Savers + Depop and War’s with Women’s Sizing

This year has contained a lot of highs and lows for me, this includes my weight! Now, I can admit it wasn’t easy to accept that my clothes from last summer didn’t fit anymore, but my Trainer’s Ellissa and Monika (I want to call them life + fitness coach’s), and the girls I train with at Bliss Fitness helped me navigate this weight gain and battle with my wardrobe. Continue reading “Summer Secondhand Haul! Savers + Depop and War’s with Women’s Sizing”

A View of Where I’ve Been : Snorkelling in Port Douglas + Turning 21

I’ll try my best to keep this post short! Considering this is a catch up for July, August, September, ANNNDDDD October.
Continue reading “A View of Where I’ve Been : Snorkelling in Port Douglas + Turning 21”

A Week in Lipsticks: SUMMMERRR Selections!

HOLY S**T IT IS HOT IN MELBOURNE!!!! Usually I love warm weather and spend summertime laying on a beach with a book like the girl next door in an indie film. But with the weather being close to 50 Degrees it was hard to even step outside! I had a week off work for a week and decided to do a ‘week in lipsticks’ then, as it’s hard to make an effort with makeup when you know it’ll slide right off in 20 mins haha. Continue reading “A Week in Lipsticks: SUMMMERRR Selections!”

ASOS Haul October 2018

This ASOS order started off as just something to do while I ate my pizza, but that didn’t last long. Next thing I know I find myself transferring money and TYPING IN MY SHIPPING ADDRESS.

All the accessories that I bought were perfect, The clothes on the other hand….. Some were fine….. Continue reading “ASOS Haul October 2018”