ASOS Haul October 2018

This ASOS order started off as just something to do while I ate my pizza, but that didn’t last long. Next thing I know I find myself transferring money and TYPING IN MY SHIPPING ADDRESS.

All the accessories that I bought were perfect, The clothes on the other hand….. Some were fine….. Continue reading “ASOS Haul October 2018”

A Week in Lipsticks: Buried at the Bottom of the Draw !

You would think a week in lipsticks line up would be pretty EASY to plan, But as you may or may not have noticed I DEFINITELY only selected 6 lippies!

I intended to empty my draw and grab those lipsticks that you always hold on to although they aren’t ideally your favourite colours. I got engrossed by the challenge of basing your makeup look around the lips, rather than doing a full face then reaching into your draw and picking the same old PINKY NUDE that matches every look, so much that I forgot how many days are in a week and that the challenge would require 7 colours BUT the show must go on…..

Continue reading “A Week in Lipsticks: Buried at the Bottom of the Draw !”

Lunette Menstrual Cup: Making The Best Out of Your Least Favourite Time of the Month

There are probably two types of reactions I’m going to get from this post:
1. “Wtf that is DISGUSTINNNN”
2. “You know what, I’m sick of buying so many pads and tampons. Using a menstrual cup is going to eliminate the money spent on buying them and will reduce my waste consumption!” Continue reading “Lunette Menstrual Cup: Making The Best Out of Your Least Favourite Time of the Month”

Empties: Effortless Brows + Radiant Skin!

I never thought I’d keep a basket in my bathroom full of useless, empty things. Even though I have no use for these anymore, stay tuned till the end of the post to see how you can consciously recycle these products (or skip to the end if you fancy).

But I can’t say I’m not EXCITED to share how I feel about this bunch of stuff, as some of my HOLY GRAIL products are in this bunch. Continue reading “Empties: Effortless Brows + Radiant Skin!”

The First Sunday; Anxiety + Worth

This past week was an interesting one, but with that many lessons have been learnt.

Be it the Full Moon in Libra on my 20th birthday,  I couldn’t ignore the major anxiety in the back of my mind thinking about the next 10 years of my life. When I mentioned this anxiety to the people in my atmosphere I was told to get over getting old and that it’s inevitable, I knew that wasn’t it. I can’t wait to age, mature, grow wise and be THIRTY, FLIRTY AND THRIVING.  Continue reading “The First Sunday; Anxiety + Worth”