$1000 Sephora Dream Cart |Tag

This tag was started circulating on youtube after being created by one of the original beauty guru’s, Emily Noel. The idea is that if money was no object, what would you buy? I’ve found myself clicking every video under this tag, as I am super nosey and curious. I wanted to bring it here to WordPress! Before I get started, I’m going to tag some of my favourite bloggers at the moment as I’d love to see them do this (no pressure)…

Now, I thought this would be easy. I planned on making my way through my wishlist ticking it off one by one but I actually didn’t reach the $1000, so i had some wiggle room in my hypothetical basket. I want to say that this is probably because Sephora Aus doesn’t have as great a range as overseas,and if it was a Mecca tag I’d probably have to cut back my cart. With that being said, let’s get into it!

Fenty Beauty

Stunna Lip Paints – I have tried out this liquid lipstick formula from Fenty and I adore it! So much so, that I want more. The two pink nude shades, uncuffed and unveiled, went straight into this fantasy cart without hesitation because I just know that I’d reach for them every single day. And then lastly, I put in the matte black, uninvited, because I feel that my collection is missing a long lasting black lippy.

Prof Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer – This primer has only recently been on my radar as I’ve never really lusted over it until I started seeing it in everyones black owned makeup tutorials. It looks super smoothing yet moisturising and that combination had me sold.

Pro Filtr Instant Retouch Powder – I haven’t ventured into many high end setting powders, as I never had much luck with any of them (other than the Laura Mercier of course). But I have heard nothing but great things about this setting powder, and I want to use it for baking as I simply feel left out haha! All of my current powders aren’t formulated to be for baking and don’t blend away. Im so ready to splurge on this.

Sephora Collection

Sephora X Stabilo Eyeliner – This would 100% be an unnecessary purchase, as I feel the practicality of the product would miss the mark, but I can’t resist the urge to buy it haha. IT’S JUST SO CUTE!

Outrageous Plump Lipgloss – Not only does this gloss have it all, a juicy tint with plumping benefits but the doe foot applicator looks so perfect.

Magnetic Eyeshadow in ‘Big Bang’ – I can’t lie, this product was a last minute throw in as I had $12 left to spend. BUT! I think it is a practical choice as I burn through these bronze shimmer shades so quickly, as they are my secret weapon for a day to night look.

Cream Lip Stain in ‘Dark Red’ – This is a repurchase as I love this formula, but I have a bad habit of loosing lipsticks haha.


Cheek Pops – Although I’ve never had these in my makeup collection, I have swatched them in store and the texture is so velvety and smooth. If I’m being honest though, I do try to avoid brands owned Estee Lauder as they are known to be quite unethical and irresponsible with their practices. But it is quite hard to boycott as they do own a lot of beauty brands, so my hope is that they get better in the future so I can enjoy what they have to offer.


Tinted Cover Foundation – I am a big fan of tinted face products as I mostly wear foundation to even out my skin tone, and prefer to build my coverage with concealer. This always seems to be in the back of my mind when shopping on sephora, and I’ve always found new releases tend to take the spot when I actually go to purchase something. So, I’d love to one day tick this off my wishlist.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Brow Pen – This is a new product from ABH and considering they became so welknown for their eyebrow range, this is a must buy!

Eye Primer – I hadn’t ever considered purchasing this primer until I started to see everyone using it. Some might say this is fomo haha! It is a tinted primer with a sheer consistancy, which I prefer because I find the thicker the formula the more dry the primer. So, I’d love to have a go with it and see why everyone loves it so much.

Iconic London

Sheer Blush in ‘Cheeky Coral’ – I believe Iconic London’s popularity begun with their intense illuminating drops, and it seems as though they keep releasing hits! I heard about these liquid blushes from Shanxo and she described them to be super lightweight and subtle. In a dream world I’d want them all, but if I had to pick one, it’d be cheeky coral.

Seamless Concealer – This concealer is desribed to be a creaseproof, full coverage concealer with a satin finish. There aren’t any reviews on the Australian website yet but regardless, I am keen to give it a go. Plus, It’s sleek and simple packaging is stunning!

Natasha Denona

Blackest Black Single Shadow – If the Australian sephora had the new Glam palette, that’d be in my cart instead of this as I’ve never been keen on her eyeshadows until I saw that colourstory. But unfortunately we dont, and Natasha Denona palettes had never really stood out to me as the price doesn’t seem worth it to me. So, to simply see what the quality is like and try it out, this would be a great purchase!

Pat McGrath

Mothership Subliminal Palette – Similarly to Natasha Denona, I simply want to see what the Pat McGrath hype is all about. This Palette in particular seems like the only range of colours I’d actually get some proper use out of. And for almost $200 the shade range needs to be something I’d reach for often, and it better do my dishes and take the dog for a walk.


Beauty Elixr Set – I have tried the glycolic mask that comes in this pack before and it was absolutely incredible, and I’m on the hunt for a new cleanser. So I figured this set would come in handy. Alongside this, you get a full size bottle of their famous beauty elixr which I have heard great things about!

Huda Beauty

Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette – Last but not least, I would love to try this eyeshadow palette. Huda products have such high quality formulas and the colour range in this palette is so unique! I am also very much into astrology and I’m a libra, therefore I am honoured to have a shade in here dedicated to me *flicks hair*. (that’s a joke btw)

That is everything I’d put in my dream Sephora cart if money was not object, and I think hypothetical me would be very happy with this!
I hope it was fun to read and even if I didn’t tag you, feel free to do this as it was super fun.

Thanks for reading,
Lily R.

One thought on “$1000 Sephora Dream Cart |Tag

  1. Ooh thanks for tagging me, this is a fun tag! I’m not sure I’ll get to $1,000 either but I’ll give it a shot! I may not get to this right away as I have a few posts to write/catch up on first but I will do this 🙂

    Fenty Products are lovely right?! I literally purchased a mini of that powder last week 😛

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