Full Face of PRICELINE Makeup

Welcome back to my blog y’all! As you have probably seen in the title, this is a full face of makeup from Priceline brands. I have fallen in love with some of these products and wanted a chance to express all of my feelings haha.img_8638

  • Modelsprefer Ultimate Face Base – This is probably the last product I’d ever think to purchase as modelsprefer tends to be quite a fast cosmetic brand, as soon as you love something it gets discontinued. In saying that, I’m so happy that I got to try it because it instantly became my everyday primer. My skin has been leaning on the dry side lately and this adds such a light layer of hydration and makes the skin super glowy and prepped for foundation.
  • Innoxa CC Cream – I’ve had this CC cream in my collection for a while but it tends to sit there unused as the colour is a little light for me. But considering I’ve been locked indoors due to the Rona, it actually matches me now. This product is super high coverage for a CC and airbrushes the pores.
  • NYX Total Control Foundation in ‘Mocha’ – On its own, this foundation is not my favorite. Although it’s a little too heavy for my liking, I absolutely adore it to mix into my foundations or use it as a cream bronzer. When I’m struggling with texture on my skin I prefer this over a powder bronzer to avoid accentuating it.
  • Napoleon Perdis Total Bae Blush Tint – This blush tint is a sheerer consistency than what I usually prefer but that is probably its defining feature. It is a watery consistency that not only adds a soft magenta finish but leaves such a glassy gloss on the cheeks!
  • Luma Tinted Brow Gel in ‘Medium/Dark’
  • Duo Lash Glue in ‘Dark’
  • Australis Brow Pencil ( to fill in beauty spot)
  • Revolution ‘Iconic Division’ Eyeshadow Palette – For an $8 eyeshadow palette these colours are super vibrant, the warm shades especially. The greens in this might be what attracts you to this but they don’t seem to perform as well as these peachy tones. 
  • Colorstay Gleaming Liquid Eyeshadow in ‘Spice’ – Revlon eyeshadows are seriously underrated! These liquid shadows are so beaming and once they are set down, they are not going anywhere. I love this colour and use it to SPICE up every eyeshadow look (get it).
  • The Balm Schwing Eyeliner – This was my first time using this liner and I’m not too sure how I feel about it yet. It might not beat my obsession with the Revlon skinny liner.
  • NYX Lingerie Eyeshadow Palette –  This little matte palette is so handy, I find myself constantly reaching for it. The brown on the bottom left-hand side is my favourite brow powder at the moment.
  • Kiss Lashes in ‘Lily’ – These lashes are my all-time FAV and I have claimed them purely because they are named after me haha!
  • Australis Banana Powder–  I had never gotten the hype around this product but when I was working fashion week this year I noticed the bags under my eyes were looking extra dark. I quickly ducked down to Priceline and got this little travel size to give me a pick me up and it really did the trick!
  • NYX Powder Blush in ‘Hamptons’ – I picked up quite a few of these during a 50% off at Priceline and for a while they just sat in my makeup draw collecting dust. But as of late, because I’m using a lot of glowy products I find a matte blush is a nice touch as it brings a different texture to the look.

  • Revolution X Soph Highlighting Palette – I didn’t think I’d use this palette as much as I have! I love to use the golden tones from the top row and switch up the colours all the time. Even the pink and lilac come in handy when I’m doing more adventurous looks.

  • Maybelline Instant Age Rewind – I remember picking this concealer up to see if it was as good as I remember it being when I was in high school. And unfortunately, it’s not haha. I think brands have really mastered concealers in the last couple of years and this one just doesn’t give me the coverage I need. But nonetheless, I’m not going to waste it so I try to mix it in with other concealers.
  • Revolution Super Size Concealer – It’s no secret this concealer is one of my top favourites from Priceline. It gives such incredible coverage and is often compared to the Tarte shape tape. I half agree with that statement as texture wise it is comparable but it gives way more of a healthy satin finish, rather than a dry set down.
  • The Balm Mary-dew-manizer –  This liquid highlighter doesn’t give you as much playtime as you generally would expect. It does look quite stunning, but I find it is a thick consistency that dries super fast! This can get a little annoying when it refuses to blend seamlessly but some people might enjoy this.

  • Nude by Nature Creamy Matte Lipstick in ’01 Blush Nude’ – When I was on the hunt for the perfect nude I came across this one and I do not regret this purchase. This range of lipsticks from Nude by Nature are pretty special as they go on super creamy (as the name suggests), and stay matte without setting down and drying your lips out. Usually, I avoid matte lipsticks in these classical tubes as I imagine them gliding on super rough and like sandpaper, but this is not the case with these ones.

Thanks for reading. I have linked my IGTV of this from my instagram, so if you’re keen to see how I put this look together deffs check it out! The link is in the side bar xx

Lily R.

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