My Priceline Picks: Black FriYAY Sale

I wanted to compile my all-time favourite products from Priceline, just in time for their 50% OFF COSMETICS from Thursday 28th of November through to Saturday 30th November!



Luma Cosmetics-

Tinted Beauty Balm-
I have the urge to compare this range to something like glossier as their products are all lightweight and glowy, and aim to give that model off duty look. This is basically just a tinted moisturiser but it’s the only one I’ve used that doesn’t start to move or disappear throughout the day. I am a big fan of having a light coverage base all over and then using concealer to gain a fuller cover, as concealer always tends to stay where I put it so it lasts better than a full coverage foundation would.

On the Glow Highlighting Sticks-
Top to bottom: Cashmere Casbah, Take me Topaz, Blushed Nomad.
These cream highlighters/blushes are perfect to add a sunkissed golden glow without looking like you even tried! The effortless shimmer contours and highlights to perfection and they come in handy as a base for your powder highlighters to add that extra oomph.

I have to mention that I haven’t tried the Luma Tinted Brow Gels but I have heard wonders about them. I’d recommend trying them if you’re on the hunt for one.



Revlon Colourstay “SKINNY” Liquid Liner-
It’s important if you want to pick up this product that you ensure it’s the SKINNY liner, as the wand is so much better than the original one. I am constantly trying out new liquid liners and I always know at the back of my mind that this one is the best. I find the old school dip liners give you more bang for your buck in comparison to the felt tip pens, as they don’t dry out. This FORMULA THOUGH! Even though it glides on so easy and smooth, it still sets down matte and D O E S N O T B U D G E.



Loreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara-
I’m afraid nothing ever beats this mascara for me! Rubber Mascara wands just do everything I want for my lashes, and more. This product curl’s, separates and defines. BUT ALSO, I can layer up the thickness as much as I please because it doesn’t get clumpy or flaky. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect mascara???? It truly is to me.


The Balm Mary-DEW-Manizer Liquid Illuminator-
Who remembers Miss MARY LOUMANIZER?? I remember when it used to be one of the first highlighting powders on the market and it was affordable. Now, powder highlighters are everywhere you turn! When they bought The Balm to Priceline I figured I didn’t need the powder but I am a BIG fan of liquid illuminators. I tried a little bit on in-store and it looked stunning, but it also dried super fast and didn’t stay tacky which is rare to find. It’s a 10/10 for me.



Revolution Soph X Highlighting Pallete-
Yes, this is the THIRD highlighting product I’m going to recommend in this post, but considering it used to be impossible to find GOOD highlighters in the pharmacies, I had to mention the standouts. Not only does this palette contain so many different shades, but it also has heaps of fun textures! Some of the colours are super shimmery and blinding but the 2nd and the 4th on the top row have a super fine sheen and they appear on the skin as a natural glow rather than a glitter. It’s an incredibly flattering finish on textured and mature skin as it doesn’t accentuate any imperfections, but you can still achieve a glamorous glow.


Australis Sweet Like Chocolate Bronzer-
It took me a little while to warm up to this bronzer, ( get it, because you use it to warm up your face haha…..) mostly because I’m used to something pretty orange as I can get quite tan naturally. But I was giving it a red hot go and made an effort to reach for it every day and now, I LOVE IT. It is completely matte but never chalky or patchy, and the colour is not too warm and not too cool so it ends up working as a contour and bronzer in one, which is a big plus! I think because it is a neutral colour it’d suit a lot of different skin tones.


Covergirl Outlast Active Setting Spray-
This is my current Go-To setting spray. I love to mist my face after every layer so my foundation, concealer and powder stays looking fresh and settled in. This one makes my makeup feel stuck down in place but isn’t drying at all! I do notice a difference when I use something other than this, you definitely have to try it.



Thin Lizzy Velvet Lip Creme in “Spicy Cinnamon”-
These are new from Thin Lizzy and the name is perfect for it because it’s so smooth and velvety on the lips. As it is a mousse consistency, it’s not drying but has a semi-matte finish. I have noticed it doesn’t last as long as other products of this consistency but it isn’t a drama to reapply.



Nude By Nature Creamy Matte Lipstick in “Blush Nude”-
I purchased this lipstick last time there was a 50% off as I had been eyeing them off for a little while, but I wasn’t 100% sure about them. But, I can say I’ve probably used it more than anything in that haul! I love this formula as it is incredibly soft and comfortable and surprisingly really long-wearing. I wouldn’t claim that this is a true nude but for me, it is my prefered nude lipstick as it just goes with every makeup look I do. If I ever feel stuck on what to wear on my lips, I know this one will pull it all together for me!

That’s it for this little BONUS blog post, I could go on and on about so many more products but for the moment these are the most reached for from Priceline in my collection! Hope you enjoyed reading.

Lily R.

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