Summer Secondhand Haul! Savers + Depop and War’s with Women’s Sizing

This year has contained a lot of highs and lows for me, this includes my weight! Now, I can admit it wasn’t easy to accept that my clothes from last summer didn’t fit anymore, but my Trainer’s Ellissa and Monika (I want to call them life + fitness coach’s), and the girls I train with at Bliss Fitness helped me navigate this weight gain and battle with my wardrobe.

I reached out for advice from lot’s of different people and read a lot of blogs about it, and the hardest part was admitting to myself that I was trying to live in the past. I’m not who I was a year ago, through every curve ball I’ve grown stronger and wiser. So why should I beat myself up for the changes in my size and body? I have a few tips for how I moved forward and stepped into a place of acceptance for my current size, and stopped forcing myself to try and squeeze into what used to fit me. I feel like my weight will always fluctuate depending on my life circumstance, so why not accept where I am now so I can comfortably work towards new goals.

  1. Pack up the clothes that don’t fit;
    It feels terrible to scan your wardrobe and pick out the perfect outfit, only to find out it doesn’t fit. I know from experience that you’ll end up throwing clothes everywhere to just sit in sorrow and put on a big jumper to hide in. The moment I packed away all the clothes that are too small, putting together outfits was fun and freeing. Simply packing them away instead of throwing away all your clothes, gives you the reassurance that one day you will be able to wear them again without the war on weight.
  2. HELLO to new styling opportunities;
    Someone said the most simple thing to me and it reminded me of how fun styling can be, and that it doesn’t have to be a daily nightmare. She just said, “think about the whole new wardrobe!”. That really took me from beating myself up to thinking okay, what items do I need to replace. It’s no secret I’m a fan of buying secondhand and IT’S SO CHEAP that you can easily buy full outfits for under $100. So, on a mission for a whole new wardrobe and to find new silhouettes for my body type, I found so many new staples that I know I’ll wear forever.
  3. Women’s sizing labels are BULLSHIT;
    The biggest struggle through all of this was feeling so lost when it comes to the labels. In this haul, the sizes labelled on the clothes I found ranged from 10- 14, I could honestly rant about this for hours but I was so so sad that I wasn’t a size 12 anymore but then tried on a size 12 pair of shorts and they fit perfect. Sizes on the tags honestly just need to be cancelled.

Considering all of that, this collective haul is pretty big!


Slouchy Knit Cardigan in Cream-
This was such a lucky find because I had actually lost my favourite cardigan and this one goes with l i t e r a l l y everything and the slouch is perfect.


Sportsgirl High Neck Sweater in Checker-
As soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it, I knew it’d be perfect for the transition from spring to summer as it’s super thin and breathable. And the design is so cool and I can imagine it to be styled casually and fancy!



Black & Grey Trackies- 
Like I said in the into, I needed a lot of new boring basics haha!
Somehow all my tracksuits looked so old and feral, so I had to find some that I can actually wear outside and run errands in that don’t look a mess.


Topshop Straight Leg Ripped Jeans-
These jeans are the GREATEST Depop find I’ve ever had.
If there was a Topshop in Melbourne I would go there to stock up on all jeans in this size because I’ve never found a fit so perfect! They are comfy and stretchy but super stylish at the same time, I cannot recommend them enough.


Jazz Cafe Bali T-shirt-
I was on the hunt for some unique items on this trip to savers and I found this browsing in the men’s section and love it. I guess this is merch for the cafe but the quality of the shirt is decent and I love the length of the sleeves. With this, I can create a cute causal outfit that still has a little bit of quirk.


Yarraville Striped Long Sleeve-
This Shirt has the perfect balance of quirky and CUTE! I wore this outfit shopping and my friend said that only I could pull it off haha. I adore it so much and I feel like I would wear this HIKING if I was ever to be into hiking… maybe in an alternate universe.


Rosebullet Peasant top in “Black”-
If I was to compile a bunch of favourites from the past couple of months, this top would be number 1! I have been wearing it non-stop, dressing down with jeans or dressing it up with a black mini skirt and heaps of silver jewellery.



Bardot Wide Strap Ribbed Crop in “Black” and “White”-
I purchased the black crop on Depop first and LOVED how flattering this neckline and length is that I had to purchase the white one off of the seller.



Urban Outfitters Colour Block Stripe Crop-
I’m gonna sound crazy, but I actually manifested this top into my reality. I saw a couch cushion with a similar pattern to this and I remember looking at it and saying “Wow I want that cushion in a shirt form”. Low and behold on a Depop hunt for some summer tops, this popped up and it was a match made in heaven. I actually got my neighbour to cut and sew the sleeves off because they sat really strange on me and I think it made all the difference.


No Brand Black Jeans –
Because my black jeans were starting to get a little too tight for comfort I had a quick browse of the jeans section, where I rarely have luck. But surprisingly, these ones fit perfectly around my waist. Originally they were long and slightly flared, so I cut and frayed them so they looked a little more modern.


Fila Golf Shirt-
This one is a slightly odd purchase for me but for some reason I couldn’t put it back on the rack haha!


Orange T-shirt-
WEIRD but LOVE! Carrot inspired OOTD’s to come.


Denim Skirt- 
As soon as the sun started shining I reached into my drawer to pull out my trusty denim mini skirt and that was the one item that didn’t fit me when I needed it the most. This item had to be replaced because I COULD NOT go through summer without it.


Factorie One Shoulder Ribbed Crop-
I saw this and instantly thought it’d be perfect for the festival season coming up!


2000’s Style Black Tank Top-
I love this neckline so much, I have a similar style in red and I always feel like Lizzy Mcguire in it. I get so much wear out of that one that I know this black one will get just as much!


Mint Silk Jumpsuit-
I love simple jumpsuits like this for summer, especially because they are perfect for day to night looks. A simple swap from slip-on shoes to heels takes the outfit to a whole different level.


Glassons Dolka Dot Cinch Skirt-
I actually found this skirt on Facebook Marketplace in PERFECT condition! I’ve worn it so much because it’s so flattering and adds a cute flair to a simple outfit.


Oriental Floral Slip Dress-
Last but not least, how cute is this!! Considering it’s a pretty straight line slip dress I was worried it would sit frumpy on me, but I find it falls perfectly in the bust and the waistline area.

That’s all for the summer haul and I hope you enjoyed reading.
My wish with these posts is not only for some outfit inspiration, but to show how much good stuff you can find if you start looking secondhand! It’s best to keep an open mind about it so you don’t miss out on some great finds, even if it isn’t what you were intentionally looking for.

Thank you,
Lily R.

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