30 days of COLOUR – Week 2

Round 2….

Day 8 – Icy Indecision
I’ve been making an effort to experiment with blue eye shadow that isn’t overly 80’s since I recently picked one up from ColourPop.  My biggest tip for making a basic look more interesting is to add a dot of liner on the lower lash line as it is such an eye catcher.



Day 9 – Neon Cotton Candy
I’m not too confident about how this eye make up looks on my skin tone but regardless, I had a lot of fun playing with these pastels. I placed them in a halo style and it worked out great as the highlight through the centre it gives a neon glow effect. 



Day 10 – Speckled Liner
Who isn’t obsessed with Katie Jane Hughes right now???
I feel like everyone is talking about her so I had to check out some of her stuff and the way she does her makeup on insta stories is so refreshing! Her style is a best described as a quirky mix of old and new, she uses super creative techniques but keeps it quick and simple for everyone to recreate.




Day 11 – Boring Blue
This is my least favourite look of the week as I don’t enjoy the shape it gives. I think the blue was too dark a shade and it makes my eyes look quite droopy haha.



Day 12 – Opposites Attract
I love this eye look and I got soooooo manyyyyy compliments on it! I forgot to put on a lippy before I took a photo but I just paired it with a nude, BUT! I do think a red lip would look really cool as well.



Day 13 – Hazy Magenta
This is my favourite look of the week as this magenta is too die for! It is a ColourPop Creme Gel Liner in “Piggy Bank” and it has a really creamy soft blend to it. The pigment doesn’t disappear when you smoke it out which I LOVE.



Day 14 – Gemstone Goddess
I had no idea where I was going to end up with this look when I started but I am really satisfied with how it turned out. Doing this challenge has made it so much easier to add colour without having to do anything too complex. These colours remind me of a game I used to play on my aunties nokia as a kid called super miners. Did anyone play this or was it just me haha?!

Image result for super mine game nokia



Day 15 – Inner Corner Eye Catcher
This was another lazy look.
It is so easy to play around with coloured liner. This placement is inspired by Dominique on Youtube. A long time ago she did an inner corner cut crease where she smoked out the lower lash line and scooped out the inner corner with concealer to create a new sillouette. This a was more subtle effort but it still extends the eye in a unique way.



That’s all for this week’s challenge!
I struggled for inspiration this week but I think the somewhat lazy looks I created are still useful for those who aren’t that confident with incorporating colour just yet.

Thank you for reading,
I hope you gained some inspiration from this post xo.
Lily R.

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