Current Skincare Routine : Oily + Blemish Prone

I’ve been wanting to share my skincare routine for a while now because I truly believe that I have discovered some of the best products for Oily – Acne Prone skin types..

I’ll start off with a little skin history so you can get an idea of how these products work for me. About 4 years ago when I started getting into makeup and skincare, as much fun as it was to try new products daily, MY SKIN was not enjoying it. I had always had slightly sensitive skin and as most teens do I struggled with pimples every now and then, but my skin became extremely congested and the blemishes that I had, SUPER irritated. I was used to being oily but the more blemishes I had the more greasy I got, and for those of you who know the struggle, not only would my makeup not hide the pimples, but it just slid right off.

The photo above is 2014.
I tried SOOOOOO many different cleansers and would swap them out without giving my skin a chance to adjust to new product, resulting in more irritation. Eventually I gave up and LUCKILY I decided to just stick to one cleanser. It did the trick.


That was the Avene Cleanance Cleanser –
This face wash completely changed my life. As with any new cleanser your skin will get worse before it gets better. I had to let my skin purge out all of the congestion, but afterwards it balanced everything. Over time it cleared my blemishes without stripping my skin of any moisture, balanced the oil production to a manageable state. AND as it’s soap free and fragrance free my skin wasn’t red and irritated. The only downside is that I believe it is truly designed for Oily Skin Types only. You can imagine how excited I was to find the CURE for me and so I started shouting it from the rooftops, I can say that my dry skin friends didn’t share the same enthusiasm for this cleanser haha!


Above is my skin now in 2019
As you can see it’s still not perfect, but I’m okay with that.

Avene Thermal Water –
This is pictured alongside the Cleanance Cleanser. This product is quite popular for replenishing water levels and balancing the PH of the skin. Back when I was struggling with acne and irritation I would use this after cleansing to cool and hydrate. Once my skin started to clear I would use this product as a toner and it does a good job. I wouldn’t say it is a necessity for me now but I would definitely invest if you have an irritable skin type.


The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid –
This product has become a staple in my collection as I run through it faster than I do shampoo and conditioner! I was spending $30-$40 on other brands of hyaluronic acid before I was introduced to this, so I’m definitely grateful that they started selling The Ordinary in Priceline at such a low price. It gives the perfect amount of hydration, leaving my skin feeling plump and firm. To my knowledge hyaluronic acid also helps to boost collagen which is a big PLUS.

Solal 50+ Moisturising lotion –
This is a new brand and it is NEXT LEVEL! I don’t know about you but I hadn’t ever come across a moisturiser that carried 50+ SPF. It provided a good amount of hydration and didn’t have that heavy sunscreen finish. I always think about how this would be perfect for people who want to protect their skin but can be lazy when it comes to skincare.

Solal Revitalising Eye Serum –
It’s safe to say this eye serum is liquid magic! It has the lightest silky texture that adds the perfect mix of hydration and smoothing. It is also quite cooling which is always a bonus when you’re applying it to your tired eyes in the morning. I read that it has heaps of antioxidants to help prevent signs of further ageing. I can’t speak to whether or not that is true, but if it is I’m beyond impressed.

Solal Vitamin C Serum –
There is a Vitamin C CRAZE in the world of skincare at the moment and I wanted to dip my toes in. This product has that silky silicon texture like most vitamin c’s I’ve tested but I’m still so confused with what it’s supposed to do?!
I understand that Vitamin C is supposed to smooth out uneven texture, brighten dark spots and give a lit from within glow. But I really don’t seem to notice anything at all….
I don’t necessarily think it’s this product in particular but I did notice it helped heal the dry patches around my nose during the runny nose season. If anyone uses Vitamin C in their routine let me know what you think of it!! Is it just a fad?


La Roche Posay Anthelios XL 50+-
Now, I know the moisturiser I just mentioned already has 50+ protection in it BUT I couldn’t NOT mention this. If you haven’t already heard about this product you are missing out. It is incredibly sheer and the lightest SPF I’ve tried in Priceline. The finish you get from this is better than what any sheet mask can give you! Oh and I can account for the fact my forehead has never gotten burnt when wearing this ( it’s usually the first place to be singed).

Freezeframe Lash Perscription –
I will never stop banging on about this lash serum. I still stand by what I said about it in my Empties Post a year ago. After about a week of using this product my lashes were so thick and then as time went on, they truly did grow! I am reluctant to try other lash serums because when I have in the past, they just didn’t live up to the level that this product performs at.


Skin by Ecostore Replenishing Night Cream-
When this range launched I was so enthusiastic about their products, I was gifted the sample pack and instantly fell in love with the cleanser, moisturiser and oil. Although, I couldn’t continue using the oil because it was too much for my skin ( ahhhhhh so heartbreaking! if you have dry skin it’s a life changer I promise), I then went to pick up the products in the full size bottles. I never really thought much about the night cream and gave it to my best friend and she got back to me saying it was ABSOLUTELY INSANE and that she needed more. So this obviously sparked my curiosity and I wanted to give it a whirl. SHE WAS RIGHT! The way your skin looks when you wake up in the morning is out of this world, my pores were invisible and my skin texture was so plump and divine.

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Purifying Gel –
I am a BIG FAN of Nip and Fab’s products and I love the idea of the brand. They don’t really come out with products for your basic skincare routine, it’s more so a skincare line with different treatment products. Before using this spot treatment I had tried their Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads and swore by their Glycolic Scrub. So when I was on the hunt for a new spot zapper I knew this was gonna do the trick.

Natio Paw Paw Lip Balm –
Last but not least is lip balm. Obviously, there are so many balms out there that it is hard to know what ones actually work. This one is my favourite at the moment and works wonders for moisturising and healing cracked lips.


Thank you for reading! Hope this post helps any of you out there with Oily Acne Prone skin as it can be so exhausting finding the right products to use, and not to mention expensive.

Lily R xx

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