A Week in Lipsticks: Mecca + MAC Favourites

I have been SO into makeup lately, I could spend hours in front of my laptop. I have even binge watched all of the videos from Pixiwoo and SunbeamsJess dating back to 2010. It made me realise how polished and perfect makeup is nowadays, and that there isn’t much room for mistakes. I’ve learnt to really appreciate artists like Dominiqueldr who is always creating such undone, almost unfinished looks, not only to make a statement but because its fun to break the rules with makeup.

Now, I just backspaced half of that last paragraph, as I almost went on an unnecessary rant. It would have been unnecessary as I didn’t really break the rules of makeup with these week in lipstick looks. but when I went shopping, I stopped by the MAC counter and spent what felt like hours swatching all their classic cult lipsticks. Those ICONIC colours I dreamt of owning when I was in high school. One of which I purchased.
So, we better just get into it and if your going to take anything from the blob of nonsense I just wrote, just know that you don’t have to wear the same makeup as everyone else to be GOOD at doing makeup.

You can make your own rules.


NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment in “Vain”



I haven’t seen ANYTHING about these lipsticks but they are INCREDIBLE. I wanted to buy every single shade, but I always get roped in with these rich reds. You can tell by the lip swatch they are so smoothly pigmented and have that soft matte finish. They lasted really REALLY well and didn’t crumble when reapplied. Would recommend 10/10 haha.


Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment in “You’re no good”



Straight off the bat, I could not get a good swatch photo of this one ahaha. This was the other colour I picked up, and I think I’m still going through a bright lip phase. As the days get colder and more gloomy, the more OBSESSED I am with these bold shades. I loved this colour because it’s more of a vivid raspberry than a hot pink and I haven’t got a shade like this in my collection.


MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in “Flat Out Fabulous”



Again with the BRIGHTS haha! This is one of those classics I was talking about, I watched an old SunBeamsJess video and she was wearing this with basic bronzed skin and I instantly wanted to recreate it. If I was ever on holiday and getting a tan on a Greek Island, this would be the perfect lipstick to pack in my makeup bag. Does anyone else feel the same way??


MAC Lipstick in “Smoked Almond”



I’m not sure if this colour is a CLASSIC but there is a short and simple reason as to why I purchased it. And it’s that the girl on the counter was wearing it and I had to have it THANKS haha. It’s in the running to be my all time favourite nude.


Stila Beauty Boss Lipgloss in “win-win”



This day was a major lazy makeup day because I was pmsing (is that even how you spell it) HARD. For some reason I thought putting on a winged liner would make this look a little more exciting. This lip colour really doesn’t look like anything special but I really love it for it’s juicy finish. It’d look even better with bushy brows and glass skin.

Thank you for Reading!
If you’ve tried any of these colours let me know how you like to style them,
Lily and R.

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