Project Throwback: Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette

I purchased this a long long time ago. It was a palette that just sat in the deep depths of my makeup collection, not being used AT ALL. I found this to be because I had other palettes with similar colours that came to my mind first.
So! I gave it to my best friend in hopes she would reach for it more often, which she did…. but when she used it she thought it was c r a p. So she gave it back to me and I thought s h i t, I need to use this somehow.


And here we are with a project throwback haha! I tried to use every colour in this palette but sadly I think the Matte Cream colour was my favourite….

The colours LOOK GREAT don’t get me wrong, they have so much potential, but if you look closely they are just so chalky! and unfortunately they just don’t show up on the eyes like they do as individual swatches. They pull one of those moves where you could apply 3 different shades and it just blends into one strange blob of colour, I can’t claim to have perfect blending but it shouldn’t do that. It’s obvious that I didn’t enjoy this much, so let’s get to the LEWKS.

Looks created with the Cocoa Blend Palette alone:







I need to comment on this last look because it was just one colour on the lid with the black in the palette smudged out into a wing, and it just looked like shit at the end of the day.


This is NOT NORMAL for me! I have oily skin but I’ll add a picture below of what my eye shadow usually looks like after a whole day.


Looks created with Cocoa Blend Palette alongside other products:





And that is all! I’m not even sure if this is a review or what but what I’ll leave this on is that It’d probably be a good palette for those starting out who are shy on bright shadows and want subtlety.

Thank you for reading!
Lily and R.

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