Empties: Searching for Serum’s + ColourPop No Filter Concealer

I really let these empties pile up!


Garnier Pure Charcoal Tissue Mask –
This was given to me by a friend who found it to be a little too tightening for her dry skin, as I have more of an oilier complexion I found it to be tightening in a good way!

Skin Physics Lash & Brow Magic Enhancing Serum-
NOW, I did not enjoy this and I can’t figure out if it’s because it didn’t work, or that it didn’t live up to my expectations. My go-to lash serum is the Freezeframe Lash Prescription and it actually works!! This one fell short as it’s a thick cream formula and I definitely didn’t feel or see results. In comparison to the Freezeframe one which is a gel consistency, that not only helps your lashes grow but it makes the lashes thick and defined, making mascara application dreamy.


Napoleon Perdis Complex Skin Renewal Serum- 
This serum really wasn’t anything special, the bottle is so small that you get just about two weeks of use out of it and it costs $19.99. The fact that it is such a small amount annoyed me so much that the performance of the product has left my mind. I can’t remember if it was even good so I think that speaks for itself haha!

Natio Rosewater Antioxidant Serum-
I got to try this whole range of products from Natio and I really enjoyed it! This range was designed for sensitive skin and particularly for skin prone to irritation as the rosewater ingredient is very calming. It provided subtle hydration and I highly recommend it for problematic skin.


Revlon Photoready Primer-
This primer has been my favourite for about three years, ever since I first encountered acne this was the ONLY primer that didn’t clog my pores or break me out even more. It smooths out all pores and imperfections whilst matting down the complexion, I even wear this on no makeup days as it somehow airbrushes to perfection and controls oil.

Bourjois Healthy Mix BB Cream-
As an AVID fan of the Healthy Mix foundation, I couldn’t wait to try the new BB. It really is just a sheer version of the foundation. The finish is the best thing about this range, it gives off a dewy sheen without looking insanely oily.

ColourPop No Filter Matte Concealer-
Usually, I’m a natural coverage gal, but the intrigue took over and I had to try this concealer. I did really enjoy it for a while as it is full coverage, but I always found myself mixing it with more of a creamy concealer to add moisture as the set of it is really matte. But they do market it as a MATTE concealer so I really can’t complain as it is doing what it is supposed to do HAHA!

Covergirl TruBlend It’s Lit Concealer-
If you can see beyond the TERRIBLE name for this concealer you’d find it to be really good aha! I purchased this one before I went on a beach holiday as I tried a little bit in store and it had just the right amount of coverage, managed to stay glowy and brightened without moving all day long. I also purchased the darker colour so I could use this through the centre of my face and contour with the darker one for a quick and effortless base.


Australis Bae Watch Mascara-
I loved this mascara so much that all of the label has come off!! At first, I was judging it pretty harshly because it doesn’t make your lashes over the top or even that full, but I grew to love the softly defined look it gave me. It mostly curls and separates but you can still build up the thickness as the brush combs through and doesn’t get clumpy.

Napoleon Perdis Give it a Curl Mascara-
I’m lucky I got to try this mascara for free as I don’t know if I would’ve been glad to try it otherwise. I don’t hate tubing mascaras but I think the formula of this is a bit wrong. It does coat the lashes really well and curls them to the heavens but it is just a little too chunky, and sometimes if you put a little too much on it stays slightly sticky. I do adore the one-sided comb brush as it SCOOPS all of your lashes but the negatives outweigh the positives. ps, it’s also a b*tch to get off.

Australis Micro Brow Pencil-
I’ve spoken about how impressed I am with this brow pencil time and time again, but I stopped purchasing it because there just isn’t enough product in it. I felt like I was going through two or three a month and I just thought f**k this! I can put my money towards a more expensive pencil with more product instead of spending so much repurchasing them.


Davroe Replenish Jojoba Treatment-
Usually, I’m a Delorenzo or Macadamia girl but I found that because I have extensions I have to heat style my hair more than I usually would, for example instead of letting my hair air dry I have to blow wave it so that my extensions don’t get tangled and stay that way. So I wanted to try something different and I decided on this mask! I had never tried this brand but I really enjoyed it, the mask was super nourishing but didn’t leave a heavy residue.

Davroe Argan Oil-
At the same time I was looking for a mask I was running out of hair oil, this is actually a serum consistency but still acts like an oil would. It did a good job at not only adding shine but it helped to detangle as well!


Routine Natural Deodorant Top Seller Kit-
If you read my review of these you’d know it didn’t go down well for me! haha.
Look, they aren’t that bad at the end of the day and if I hadn’t gotten a burning rash from them I would have definitely repurchased.

A’kin Natural Deodorant-
This one surprised me! It isn’t so much an antiperspirant but it really did an amazing job at hiding odour and the smell was so refreshing and had a cooling cucumber sensation. If it had sweat reducing properties I would have found THE best deodorant.

Thank you for reading and sticking it out as this post is a long one!
Lily and R…..

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