Empties: My Hair Care Secrets + False Lash Obsessed

As boring as these posts might be they are HANDS DOWN my favourite to write! They are also my favourite to read, I’ll take a basic empties blog post over a book any day.


De Lorenzo Defence Heat Protection  

This has been a repurchase for quite some time now. To be real I haven’t got any idea if it’s doing much but I guess the placebo effect is WELL AND TRULY in effect. I’ll keep using it though as it is very light weight and it doesn’t leave any heavy residue after styling.

De Lorenzo Absolute Deep Cleanser

THIS is my best kept hair secret! I walked into a Hairhouse Warehouse to pick up a new shampoo and conditioner because my current one just hadn’t been working as well as it used to. I expressed this to the sales assistant and she said to me that the shampoo and conditioner is perfect for my hair type and showed me this cleanser instead. Think of how you have a daily face wash and every now and then you exfoliate! It’s like an exfoliator for your scalp. A clean slate for your regular shampoo and conditioner to work better!

Macadamia Oil Treatment

This is the only oil I keep coming back to. I’ve found most to be quite slimy and greasy but this one absorbs into the hair, It feels silky rather than oily!


Antipodes Hosanna H20 Intensive Serum

Instead of grabbing the same old Hydraluron off the shelf that I talked about in one of my first Empties posts, I thought I would try something new! Besides the fact that it was a weird orange ( I don’t want to say like vomit but it was in fact…..like vomit ) colour. It felt very cool and tightening on the skin, it wasn’t as firming as I thought and I didn’t find it to do much for my dehydration. So I don’t think it’ll be a repurchase for me.

Dr Lewinns Luminosity Eye Cream 

I was given this eye cream to try out and I really wasn’t excited to try it. A lot of people told me Dr Lewinns broke them out and that terrified me. So I approached it with the mindset of “UGH I GUESS I should use it up” but OMG I LOVED IT. The metal tip was so refreshing and the product was so lightweight but did so much! Instantly I had a tighter brighter under eye, and over time I feel like it smoothed the whole area. I’m only 20 but I would say someone with more LIFE experience might say it made them look 10 years younger.


Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

This “Ugh I guess I should just use it up” attitude might be a theme for this post! I dug this out of the depths of my makeup collection almost completely full and going to waste. I’m just not the BIGGEST fan of the slippery texture for me I just have such an image of silicone sliding onto all my pores and suffocating my skin, I had to let it go for this product. It was fine….. nothing magical.

Bourjois Eye Catching Mascara

This is another one I got given and I just couldn’t get on board with this one. I’ve never vibed with fibre mascara wands, it was a bit of a clumpy mess. I tried so hard to make this work for me but I felt like as the day went on my lashes just fell flat and it got really flakey.

Napoleon Perdis Final Fix Setting Spray

RIP to the $29 I spent on this. I hate to say I’m so disappointed, this setting spray just doesn’t feel like it sets much, especially because it stays really wet. I think sticky is also a word I would use to describe it…
I still adore my Rimmel Fix and Go Setting Spray THE MOST, it’s the only setting spray that I notice a difference with.


Artiste Brush Cleaner

This is 100% the best brush cleaner around but it is also 100% discontinued. So it is the last goodbye for this product.

Ardell Faux Minx Wispies Demi Wispies


These lashes are STUNNING! Although full and fluttery they still sit quite naturally.

Kiss Lashes Blowout Lash in “Pageboy”


Pageboy is my favourite style at the moment. They are just the perfect amount of flair and thickness I feel like it suits my eye shape perfectly.

Thank you for reading ! xxxx

Lily and R.



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