A Week in Lipsticks: SUMMMERRR Selections!

HOLY S**T IT IS HOT IN MELBOURNE!!!! Usually I love warm weather and spend summertime laying on a beach with a book like the girl next door in an indie film. But with the weather being close to 50 Degrees it was hard to even step outside! I had a week off work for a week and decided to do a ‘week in lipsticks’ then, as it’s hard to make an effort with makeup when you know it’ll slide right off in 20 mins haha.

As my best friend Jemma and I have spent a lot of time indoors waiting for summer to TONE IT DOWN I asked her to pick out some colours for me! And she killed it as half of these colours don’t get my attention too often.



Colourpop X Hello Kitty Liquid Lipstick in “Lock Diary”


Now! Jemma passed this Colourpop heirloom down to my grateful hands so with that I have to say….She can’t be purchased anymore. But I’m sure you can find these bright fuchsias from brands like NYX or Chi Chi. This kind of colour is COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone but I was very into it and paired it with a soft pink shadow and some sparkle in the inner corner.




NYX Matte Lipstick in “Indie Flick”


Orange lipsticks are just a MYSTERY to me! When done right they are such a saucy look, I feel like they make you look tan and sophisticated BUT they are also so unrealistic. They look perfect when you’re posing with a smile JUST AS LONG as you DON’T show your teeth because even of you have the pearliest white teeth, trust me they will look yellow. This NYX one is matte and it just accentuates any dryness and it fades VERY obviously (not a good look). If you have found the perfect orange lip let me know!!




NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in “Milan”


This day was the first very long day of my head cold and although I wanted to stay in bed all day long I had to stay committed to the blog ya feellllllll.



ColourPop Lippie Stix in “Bossy”


This is HANDS DOWN my favourite red lipstick ever it stays on and sets to a movable matte. But I’m so DEVASTATED it doesn’t exist anymore!!! They still stock the lip liner to match but I’m going to have to start saving this secret weapons for special occasions.



Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in “Blank Canvas”


This lipstick I find difficult to pull off, a little too pale for me I think! But it would have suited my sickly appearance as my cold worsened. A few people said to me “Are you feeling okay lily? You don’t look to well” and I’m still trying to figure out if it was just my face or Blank Canvas on my lips.



Natio Smoothie in “Tea Rose”


Last but not least! My favourite kind of summer lipstick, one that is slightly tinted and hydrating. Natio always hits the jackpot when it comes to makeup with skincare benefits.

Thank you for stickin it out and reading my post !!
Lily & R.

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