A Week in Lipsticks: New to my Makeup Draw

Annndddddd we are back! Once again I found this week of lipsticks so hard to get through… I picked out the colours for the week before Christmas and it was c r a z y. I only just managed to put these f*****g lipsticks on my person like yesterday!! I figured I would just be chill about it and enjoy my New Year’s festivities and worry about it after.

These lippies are ALL NEW to my collection. Some I had tried other colours in the past but I still put them in because why not have some FUN. Still counts as being new right?


Loreal Infallible Sexy Balm in “WHAAAT”-


I love this balmy nude dream! It is perfect for when you aren’t in the mood for a high maintenance lip colour but with benefits of moisture and shine. OMG, I’m calling it a Balm with Benefits ?!?! Go my brain for that thought.


Australis Girl Boss in  ” Genuine” –


I tried these lip creams in my first ever Week in Lipsticks post and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would! They aren’t a long-wearing lip colour that sets down dry, but they stay on really well considering they are just a pigmented lip cream. I love them and love this colour so much as it’s not loud but still makes a statement! Worth looking into.


Maybelline Super Stay Matte Lipstick in “Ruler” –


OBSESSED WITH THIS LIP LEWK! I knew I would fall head over heels for these lipsticks because no matter how hard I tried to ignore them ( as stated in my haul ) every lip colour I complimented on other people were these! They are dry but more comfortable than most. Loving the bright berries for summer.


Models Own Matte Lip in “Rasberry Mojito” –


I purchased this Colour to go with a leopard print outfit for a 21st and after the many glasses of Moscato I have no idea how it stayed on so well! So it’s basically new to me haha. First off, I DO NOT vibe with minty stuff so it made me feel icky but it didn’t tamper with my opinion too much. Velvety finish and it lasted nicely. Actually, I remember it reapplied super easy and didn’t go flaky or cakey.


Natio Lip Colour in “Eden” –



Natio Lip Colour in “Flutter” –


I got these two Natio lip colours as a gift and I think they are new shades but don’t quote me on it. I really enjoy them as they are super creamy and sleek! They are really effortless, buttery and the second shade “Flutter” is really unique so it was fun to style it.

That’s all!
I’m out of the festive buzz now so hopefully, my posts will be more informative as I was feeling quite rushed and I want to touch back in with my love of blogging.

Lily and R.

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