Empties: Bye Bye Beauty Blender + Best Setting Spray EVER!

To think I was WORRIED that I wouldn’t have enough empties this month! haha. I think I felt like I didn’t have much to share because there are a few things I just HAD to give up. My mascara was already kept for wayyyyy too long but I didn’t want to let it go, and I just couldn’t ignore the weird spots on my beauty blender any longer when in my mind they were still fine……it’s for the best.


Hask Monoi Coconut Dry Shampoo

I LOVED this so much and I can’t figure out why nobody else does?????
I bought the mini of this dry shampoo in this scent at the start of the year for when I was on holiday, and the coconut scent always takes me back to the memories of sunshine and sand. I always use my dry shampoo before bed and layer it on all heavy and white, then once I wake up my hair takes it all in and is shower fresh. This worked perfectly and never left a heavy residue, Just a smooth matte finish! I’ve heard bad reviews about this stuff and it breaks my heart..


C Lab&Co Coffee Scrub

A bit of backstory; My skin is extremely sensitive and for half my life I had so many issues with shaving and ingrown hairs, shaving my legs made my legs break out in redness. For so long everyone said I just don’t use enough soap and that I need to invest in a fancy razor, but after all my research I started to use coconut oil to shave with AND IT WORKED. BUT the oily texture caused my showers to be dangerous with the potential to slip!

So I started to use this body scrub before shaving and It always leaves behind a slight residue of oil on my skin which makes shaving so effortless and soothing on my skin. I switched to a clay bar exfoliator from Thank You last time I ran out but it just left me DRY. So this came back into my life because it’s magic.


Skin by Ecostore Purifying Cleanser

This range is so exciting! They are free from nasties, cruelty free and made from natural ingredients. This cleanser in particular isn’t as detoxifying as the gel cleansers I usually go for but it was nice to switch up my routine and use something SOFTER on my skin. I would probably recommend this to people with quite normal or people who don’t use anything and would like to start! It took me a while to finish as I used it every now and then to switch up my cleanser.

Jojoba Cucumber & Guava Firming Eye Balm 

This eye cream is so dreamy and refreshing! It is such a lightweight water cream that absorbs so fast and leaves a cool firm feeling under the eyes! I would FOR SURE repurchase this if I didn’t want to keep trying different ones.

Shea Moisture African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask

I really enjoyed the mousse texture of this mask, it was different but in a good way! I kind of expected it to be like a clay mask that would set down really dry and DETOX the skin but it set down without being to tight leaving my skin feeling exfoliated but still plump and smooth.


Beauty Blender Pure

I’ve been through many beauty blender phases in my life, I’ve found I especially love them for travelling! I always kept the case when packing it in my makeup bag. I feel like I’m definitely in a brush loving phase at the moment but mostly because I’m too lazy to get up and wet the thing haha! I will probably repurchase again one day but If i’m going to use one right now its the Mini Real Techniques one because I only really use a sponge for concealer.

Bioderma Micelle Solution

I remember when this thing was all the RAGE back when beauty bloggers and influencers were blowing up! I never really understood how incredible this was until now. I bought this mini to have at my makeup desk so I could use it to clean up eye shadow, mascara etc. But I got to try a Napoleon Tubing Mascara and they are A B**CH to take off, so I gave this a go and it did the trick! I also used it to take my makeup off before gym and my skin didn’t feel tacky and dry like it would with a makeup wipe so I rate it very highly! I’ll miss this one when I run out of my backups.


Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

I don’t think I even have to go on about how nice this bronzer is. Although it is more of a softer pigment than most I feel like it gives the most natural looking bronze glow. It also never has a powdery look to it and that’s the best thing about it!

Revlon Contour Kit

HANDS DOWN this contour kit is the easiest quad for people who have no idea how to get started with contouring and highlighting. They have one soft banana shade that is not too yellow to use as a setting powder, a very subtle shimmer highlight that is a super buttery formula, a contour shade and a bronze. You could learn to do it with your eyes closed with this bad boy!

Rimmel #Insta Fix & Go Setting Spray

I can’t believe I haven’t spoken about this setting spray before!!! THE ONE AND ONLY setting spray I’ve ever come across in chemists that actually works! It’s designed to be a primer and setting spray so I use it literally after like every step. It helps my foundation to sink in and look fresh all day long and usually I get some movement with my foundation/concealers on my forehead but doing a spritz of this keeps it from moving. If you haven’t tried it I suggest you go get in your car, put your SEAT BELT on and shimmy down to priceline.


These products were all HITS in my eyes, not a single product went to waste!
If you’ve tried any of these let me know if you enjoyed them or if you didn’t, I’d be intrigued to know!

Thank You,
Lily & R.

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