Spring Reading Wrap Up ’19

I do not read enough books to do a monthly round-up kind of vibe so I decided to do it by season! These are the books I spent time with while the flowers were blooming and the nights were getting brighter. If you have any comments on the structure of these posts please feel free to leave them as I’m not much of a book blogger, Y’all book people on word press are talented.


Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr Joe Dispenza

I read this book over a year and I picked it up through multiple phases of my life, months going by before I went on to the next chapter. I loved it, every time I picked it up I felt like that chapter was meant for that particular moment in time. This is a pseudoscience-ey book about MIND OVER MATTER. Even if you don’t believe all the facts it’s so helpful in working on changing the way the world has shaped your mind. How to reassess the comfort zones of negative thinking and creating a habit of thinking more expansively!

Minimalism by “The Minimalists” 

I think this book has some good tools to add to your knowledge on minimalism, Although most definitely designed for people who are more or fewer workaholics/stuck being a corporate robot. There was just A LOT of generalisation for example like (This is exaggerated but you’ll get the gist) “You hate your job so much, I was just like you…” and it made me feel disconnected from the book as I love my day to day job and also cannot relate to earning big bucks in the corporate world. But I did take some skills from this book in applying minimalism too what you’re eating, fitness and relationships. Also, did anyone find them writing about themselves in 3rd person weird?????? They managed to keep it consistent so good on them but just a bit strange…..


Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven

This book was such an easy read! This book follows two perspectives; Libby, who was known as the girl who had to be lifted from her house as she was too overweight to leave through the front door, going back to public school! And Jack who is pretty popular and a bit of a bad boy, but is hiding the fact that he has prosopagnosia. He is face blind so everyone he meets is almost a stranger, even his own mum. The characters had so much depth and I appreciated the massive impact their families had on them. Being in Libby’s shoes was so empowering as she was such a headstrong girl and wouldn’t let anyone take her freedom away from her, although I think it would have been nice to see her be more vulnerable. Jack’s perspective on life was such an experience, although his face blindness is no excuse for making bad decisions, it was WILD to re-imagine every moment in his shoes (compared to Libby’s non ‘face blind’ perspective ) and it was written in such a way that we could view this world just like he does.
4/5 STARS 

Meditation for Beginners by Jack Kornfield

I bought this book when I was on holiday in Byron Bay at the Crystal Castle, my best friend and I spent a LONG WHILE in the gift shop. I used to be pretty big on meditation more so when I was in high school and had a lot of time (what an adult-y excuse haha). But I struggle to find myself in a meditative state on my own and did some classes for a while there, this book was actually quite helpful as it breaks the stigma of meditation being this peaceful heavenly sensation. It mentions how your back will probably ache from sitting in such an upright position, you might have an itch on your back that you really wanna scratch and your dog might start barking at loud kids on the street and that THIS is just part of it! I really recommend it to people who are scared of meditation and/or those who think they are doing it wrong.

Cusp by Josephine Wilson

I had a good time at the beginning of this book as it was an intriguing story of a mother trying her best with her very stubborn daughter, it reminded me of myself (the stubborn daughter that is). BUT I COULDN’T FINISH IT! I just got so fed up with the main girl (don’t even remember her name that’s how much I care about her). I understood her brat like attitude sometimes but she was an umm how do you sayyyyy a privileged bitch. I really wondered why her mother wanted her to come home to Australia from New York out of nowhere so badly, but I was just having such a shit time reading that I told myself it’s not worth it.


Breathe Magazine Issue 11

I picked this up while being off and looking for inspiration and I enjoyed it so much that I bought myself a subscription as a little birthday gift to myself. There were a few articles that stood out to me, and most of them were about the importance of PAUSE! I definitely fall victim to getting lost in all the things I have to do in the day, till I’m burnt the f**k out and I somehow drive myself home from work without realising it haha! So reading this my brain exploded over something so little as stepping away from what I’m doing or worrying about what I HAVE to do to just take a deep breath!!! It’s not rocket science but WOW does it change everything. It had heaps of little tips on staying present and feeling in the moment in the business of the Christmas holidays.

Thank you for reading! let me know what you think of these if you have read them !!

Lily and R.




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