A Week in Lipsticks: My Favourite Spring Colours!

I feel like a liar calling this my favourite spring colours as it hasn’t felt much like spring in Melbourne. I’m writing this on a Saturday and it’s the only day we have only had a little bit of rain compared to A LOT. Regardless, I adore some of the lipsticks in this weekly colour scheme, and I had a lot of fun doing my full face of makeup and then RUNNING to my car to make sure the rain doesn’t ruin it within seconds.

IMG_0037NYX Liquid Suede in “11”


If you haven’t tried these lipsticks already you’re missing out on the most COMFORTABLE long-lasting matte ever, I would trust fall into these liquid lipsticks. I always have this in my travel makeup bag regardless of where I’m going because I know it’ll stay on forever and even if it fades it still looks good, even for a colour this VIBRANT.

IMG_0012Chapstick Total Hydration Tinted Lip Balm in “Rose Petal”


As you can tell this was a lazy makeup day for me. I managed to sleep through two alarms and one of them was on purpose haha! I bought myself the colour coral blush a while ago when I had brown hair and the orange tint was nice back then, but I couldn’t bring myself to match my lipstick to my hair. SOOO as these are the only tinted lip balms that made me think “wow not bad” I wanted to fill that missing place and purchase the pink. Subtle but still perfect for spring I’d say!

IMG_0020NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in “Push-up”


It was the first day of Priceline’s 50% off so I thought I’d celebrate with using all their products! I wanted to use this Models Own palette that I don’t use enough so this lipstick was a nice simple nude that I can pair with lot’s different eye looks, including this smokey mauve one. I’m not THE biggest fan of the lingerie liquid lipsticks as they just look dry, feel dry and they always form that weird white line buildup thing on me. It looked nice while it did……

IMG_0034Bourjois Rouge Velvet in “08 Rubi’s Cute”


This is HANDS DOWN my all-time favourite red, the name says it all as the best way to describe it is smooth as velvet! Not to mention the colour is so eye-catching, people always do a double-take and tell me they NEED to know what it is. To say this lasts is an understatement, it’s MAGIC.


I’m also noticing a theme with this week in lipsticks posts and it is that for some reason, I just can’t follow my own SIMPLE instruction haha. I made a theme at work for all of the girls to wear bright colour in their LEWKS, leaving myself stuck because I had just started tracing out bright blue eyeliner then realised all I was left with was a magenta lipstick! I definitely wasn’t confident I could pull off that much intensity but I thought the least I could do was include a picture in this post.

IMG_0027Revlon Ultra HD Lipcolour in “Addiction”


This look was a little GLAM for a Saturday of voting in the state election but I definitely didn’t get much sleep because I had been up every day this week finishing the 2nd season of THE SINNER, to say I was hooked is an understatement, coverage was needed. If you read my last Week In Lipsticks post you’d how AMAZING these are! I like to consider them a long-wearing lip cream because they don’t set down as a matte liquid lipstick but they last way longer than a gloss. I’ve been so obsessed with this colour especially for the springtime as its such a unique shade and brightens up a dreary day! My current favourite for sure !!

Thanks for reading! let me know if there are any particular post’s you would like to see from me.

Lily and R.

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