Project Throwback: NYX Lid Lingerie + Cosmic Metals

I briefly mentioned the influx of NEW releases in makeup and constant advertising we are subject to on social media in my last empties post, it has been something I think about a lot when I sit at my makeup desk every morning.

Canadian beauty guru Samantha Ravndahl had come up with the concept of #projectthrowback a little while ago to bring light to really use what you have. I will link the original video HERE so you can see her perspective but she mentions in some previous video’s how nowadays we don’t necessarily stop using product because we don’t like it anymore, it’s just that something slightly different or better comes along making us forget about it, or worse, we don’t care for it now that it’s lost the novelty of being new. She also recently went PR FREE as she was aware her waste consumption was getting out of hand and that she was not able to really feel the value of her product compared to consumers like you and me! which I think was a VERY bold move in the whole influencer atmosphere.


ANYWAYS, I decided that I was going to challenge myself and pick a shadow palette that will be the only one I’ll use for a WHOLE MONTH. So in a way, I can force myself to use those colours I usually wouldn’t gravitate towards instead of just hitting pan on one of the shades. I got these two palettes after working an event where the majority of makeup supplied was NYX, and at the end of the day we got to take what we wanted and I happened to fall in love with them when I was using them on other people!

I particularly loved the way the Cosmic metals looked when applied with a wet brush as the colours just BEAMED, but I found that I only embraced the top left Champagne colour and never really got to give the other shimmery shades a go. Starting this challenge I was super intrigued by that metallic mauve shade on the top right-hand side.


The Lingerie one has been WELL USED, you can probably tell haha! For a while, I was using this for basic looks all the time! Particularly the light peach and rust colour, I would always lightly swipe these two shades through my crease and call it a day. I also would use the brown for my eyebrows when I changed my hair colour, so I can detest it is a good multipurpose product that is perfect for a travel makeup bag.

Now, all except two photos from the month FLOPPED so this post is going to be abruptly short. My iPhone camera was not being my mate and my computer will just not recognise them as any sort of file, soooo I will FOR SURE use my canon camera more next time………..UGH

IMG_9957 edit

IMG_9977 edit

Thank you for reading!
Hopefully, my next #projectthrowback works more in my favour!


Lily and R.

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