Empties: Long Lashes + My Thoughts on ‘The Ordinary’

I guess I can say the ‘Empties’ post’s will be a monthly occurrence, as much as I LOVE trying new things and can’t wait to try out new brands and ranges, I’ve been making more of a conscious effort to actually FINISH product.

In an environment of constant advertising and consumerism we often get caught in the rift of whats new, and its not only FUN but EMPOWERING to stop and be aware of those products you used once or twice before moving on to the next.

I really hope you enjoy this post as some old and new favourites are in this bunch!


Skin Physics Hydration Maximiser –
I got both these masks in a gift bag from Priceline, and I was pretty happy to get some skin physics in there as they are not the cheapest for a one use product BUT honestly, I would repurchase. My skin was not only left feeling super firm, but calm and radiant! I feel like this would be perfect to use the morning of an event because my skin stayed looking good throughout the whole day.

Vitamasques Bamboo Charcoal Mask –
I tried this mask out late at night and almost fell asleep with it on so I think I enjoyed it……
This mask is a good alternative to the very well known charcoal peel offs for more dry/dehydrated skin, It felt as though it did SHRINK my pore size but still left a nice layer of hydration at the same time

IMG_9518 edit

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid –
This is the second bottle I’ve used up! I remember when this first came out in Australia and it was almost impossible to find in stock of it anywhere, and I can’t even pin point when it became a staple in my routine. If you read my last empties you would know I’m a BIG FAN of hyaluronic acid, this one is MAJORLY CHEAPER than what I was using but its still the same ingredient just a lower percentage. Coming out of winter my skin doesn’t mind some subtle hydration, I feel the best way to describe this serum is simple but effective.

The Ordinary Natural Moisturiser –
I think I may have judged this product too harshly for the price that it is..
It’s $9.80 and it’s basic.. But some people might like that right? It was nothing special and I found it set down a little shiny, I literally forgot to use it even when I put it in front of my mirror so I would FINISH IT. I think it would fit well into a routine of someone who is more laid back when it comes to skincare, and it seals over the skin quite well so a simple queen could use it as a moisturiser/primer base before makeup.

I doubt I’ll be able to find these products again after Old Mate who owns the brand publicly lost his…. marbles ?


Freeze Frame Lash Prescription Serum –
THIS IS AMAZING, if you’re gonna purchase anything for your lashes this is what you need !! I’ve been using it morning and night for over a year now, and this is the first time I’ve run out and purchased a different brand of lash serum, I’m having SEPARATION ANXIETY!!
After a week of using this product you can feel a difference in your lashes, your mascara glides on easier and you don’t need as much product to get the length and thickness. After a month of use you’ll notice your lashes are so much longer and thicker to a point where other people will notice too! I originally purchased it as an alternative to Lilash because I couldn’t bring myself to spend $100, I’m not 100% sure about the science behind it but I do know it stops your lashes from falling out as often as they do (1-5 lashes a day) and extends their growth cycle so they grow longer than usual.


Loreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer –
The day I found out this was being DISCONTINUED was a very sad day…
I LOVE this primer so much! When you apply it under makeup it gives such an ethereal glow that shines through any foundation, I also would use it to sheer out foundations that were too dry/matte and it made a perfect balance of glowy but not oily. It’s not the end of the world because they did replace the formula but I find its just too metallic now and it sits more sheer once you blend it in. I panicked and purchased two backups that will be saved for desperate times!

Savvy Setting Spray –
This was a pleasant surprise! Savvy is an Australian brand and most of their product is under $10 but that doesn’t give away quality. This setting spray was limited edition and I pulled it out of a clearance bin for $3 and how couldn’t I be happy about that!


Natio Long Lasting Lip Liner in “Scarlet” Red –
I love a good wind up lip Liner because I have not met a lip pencil WORTHY of pulling out my sharpener, no matter how careful I am with emptying the THING, I always find the sharpens end up all over my makeup draws! Anyone else find this problem ?!?!
This liner is up there with the Revlon lip liner in keeping my red lippies from bleeding and smudging, I find the Natio is slightly creamier in application so I prefer it.

Australis Micro Brow Pencil –
Read my last empties to find out how this product makes me FEEL! Click Here.


Le Tan Coconut Water Gradual Tan –
This was the first tanning product I ever used and MY FAVOURITE still to this day! I liked the idea that it is designed to really hydrate at the same time, it genuinely does leave my skin feeling fresh as well as adding a soft tan. If I use this twice in a week it is enough to keep me looking bronze, doesn’t stain my sheets or towels and fades effortlessly. I keep going back to this and I will never stop recommending it.


Lacoste Pour Elle Elegant –
Last is fragrance, I picked this up as I wanted something that wasn’t the usual rich berry scent I gravitate towards, I was imagining something more soft and sophisticated. This is a soft sweet floral with a clean finish, with notes of pink pepper and lily of the valley, it wasn’t too overpowering and not too powdery either.

Thank you for reading!
Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products or something similar that I might enjoy!

Lily and R.

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